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By LL YahJoylife (Laura) SOAPS is an EXCELLENT WAY to study SCRIPTURE while allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to lead and orchestrate our learning and therefore developing a more PERSONAL, SOLID and TRUE RELATIONSHIP with the ONE TRUE GOD!      Yes, fellowship IS important, yet this group will be focused on HOW TO GROW AND FEED YOURSELF Gods SCRIPTURE... and edify YOUR OWN body soul and spirit , and in so doing... So that we can THEN be a blessing to others.

    SOAPS stands for SCRIPTURE OBSERVATION APPLICATION PRAYER SCRIPTURES      Hopefully, this is pretty self explanatory and simple.... It will become a place in your DAILY COMMUNING with God!

     Here is a breif description... While reading your Holy Bible, pray asking and EXPECTING that God reveal to you what HE KNOWS you need TODAY, There will be a particular verse that WILL POP OUT AT YOU!!! THIS WILL BE YOUR VERSE TO JOURNAL ON. This goes under SCRIPTURE


THE NEXT IS OBSERVATION. WHO WHAT WHERE HOW WHEN IS THIS VERSE and its context... And why has it caught your attention?

Next is APPLICATION. How does THIS VERSE apply to YOU in YOUR LIFE( REMEMBER, THIS IS YOUR LIFE, DO NOT allow yourself to go and think that so and so should be reading this! Be SELFISH, this is YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MAKER). How did this verse make a difference to YOU and then HOW WILL YOU IMPLEMENT THIS NEW FOUND INFORMATION to make your life fuller? WISDOM is KNOWLEDGE IN MOTION. FAITH without WORKS is dead, so ASK The Lord to help you. This leads to the next section.


Next is SCRIPTURES. Many times SCRIPTURE verses are attached or related to the one you are journaling about... I like to look these up , it makes the experience that much more RICH and complete.

It is best to TITLE and DATE THESE SOAPS. You WILL look back to see just how much you have GROWN in your RELATIONSHIP WITH God, with yourself and with others! Leave a few pages to write this as an index in the front of your notebook if using paper. If using an app like Evernote, make a separate notebook just for your Soaps. You'll be so glad you did.

This whole experience should only take about 30 min or so, but it is so worth the time!

As a group, we will share for a few minutes what we have been shown with each other for TODAY... I have found there is most ALWAYS a central "THEME" that we, as a group can realize! So AWESOME is our God. And you WILL LEAVE REVIVED AND REFRESHED!! OH, YEAH!

When i first started i used a paper notebook for about 3-4 years. For the last 6 years I've used Evernote. Whatever you like... Be warned... its addictive!! Once YOU LEARN and master how to study and journal this way, you can help another as well, and we will be a community FULL OF HIS WORD STRAIGHT UP FROM THE SOURCE!! THIS WAY WE CANNOT BE SWAYED by false teaching or doctrine or ritualistic, man made religion... These only leads to confusion, DIVISION and death... We are CHILDREN OF LIGHT AND DEATH NO LONGER EXISTS HERE!! SO THE goal is to drink from the source... THE Holy SCRIPTURE to live the way we were were created and become united and not divided by RELIGIOUS ugliness... But in ONE ACCORD from one life-source and ONE TRUE GOD who IS THE WORD !!

THIS IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY MISSION, IN LOVE! We will learn how to live FULL and ABUNDANT God centered Life.

Remember, at the feet of our SAVIOR is level ground, ... No slave or free, no or man or woman , no JEW or GREEK, ONLY GODS CHILDREN ARE WE... LOVING and BEING LOVED BY OUR Heavenly FATHER.

This study is based on the book by Wayne Cordeiro called "Devine Mentor". The Divine Mentor: Growing Your Faith as You Sit at the Feet of the Savior. You can get the electronic version for less than ten bucks at Amazon and is PRICELESS AND TIMLESS BOOK. It is recommended that you read it but it is not required for this study.

In his book He calls it 20/20/20... 20 min of reading, 20 min of writting and 20 min of sharing. It is meant for a small group who can meet regularly.

In this group... There is no reading plan, you use your own. So, what ever and WHEREVER YOU ARE in your personal study of SCRIPTURE you can still be part of the group. Because you are using your own plan, there will not be any such preparation, homework or memory verse. So you may join in at ANY TIME...

I DO ASK THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR DAY OUTSIDE BY TAKING A MINUTE TO BREATH and ask God to prepare your heart. We are to come as Children , eager and full of expectations and wonder.

I HAVE FOUND THAT GODS' SPIRIT KNOWS what each of us needs and TRUST ME, YOU WILL LEAVE THIS TIME FULL and WANTING MORE! As the Holy Spirit is welcome to orchestrate what HE WANTS to bring us to TODAY.

Yet STILL we need to have a PLAN and follow a plan and have a FACILITATOR... This is what we can expect... We will begin hopfully, promptly at 7 a prayer and with some praise music to usher in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. So please, let us allow each other time to open up to the holy spirit. By 7:30 we can read and write for about 20 minutes. Then we will share with each other what we have written. You will be AMAZED at how we all will connect at this point.

I would like to be closing in prayers by 8:30, excusing those who need to go. Then we can take some time to pray WITH AND FOR EACH OTHER AS OUR NEEDS are always great. This is a time to be SELFISH!! THIS IS NOT a venue for praying for anyone but YOU AND US... in order that we may GROW OURSELVES and learn HOW TO FEED OURSELVES.

The ultimate goal is that you will commit to SOAPS on your own EVERY Day. Do NOT READ ANOTHERS OPINION OR TEACHING. The learning MUST COME FROM YOUR CONNECTION to SCRIPTURE of many different versions, whatever speaks to you.

I am not against others teaching us, but ONLY AFTER WE HAVE EATEN FROM THE RAW SOURCE FIRST... Otherwise we will be following man instead of GOD!

I (Laura Yeck) have been in a few of this type of bible study format for about 10 years and have develpoed a daily routine for myself and now am called to facilitate this group.The responce has been OVERWHELMING , thank you My Lord. So i CAN, I WILL, I MUST FOLLOW THROUGH!

So many of us HUNGER for the RAW TRUTH of SCRIPTURE. Not in ANY WAY to take away from any congregation, but to learn how to build ourselves up in HIS WORD without mans opinions or teachings.... I and YOU have been freed from relgion because of HE WHO IS THE WORD SACRIFICE.... AND more importantly that our SAVIOUR CONQUERED DEATH so we can freely have relationship with our maker... And in this USA, we are still free to do this!


By the way, my Friend, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I have many more to share. This is my FIRST LIVE POST on my NOT YET FINISHED SITE, YAHJOYLIFE.COM. 

So there will be many things on this site that are still under construction. So i ask that you come back and see more as i figure this thing out, PRAYERS MOST WELCOME!!!

PLEASE, be kind and edifying comments please. If you are offended then just move on. Let each other LIVE IN HARMONY as much as possible