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My friend posted this on Facebook How many of us at times can we relate... The SILENCE IS DEAFENING...

Sitting in orthodontist office and literally every single person in here is scrolling Facebook .. we are all seating along one wall so I can see... I just found myself no different than the world ... sickening realization... I'm over and out for a while friends .. text me if you need me :) blessings... 

So i sent her this note and prayer and thought that more of us would like to CONNECT.

Yes. The "disconnect" is a weapon of the liar. We all want to " escape" this world bcs deep inside each one is a KNOWING that we are not home only in this realm. We live as a dolphin . we swim in heaven realm yet we must still breath the stale air of this fleshly realm. So we try to hide our need for one another through escape... We ALL DO IT. 

YHVH i ask that we may become your living conduates between the realms. That we may be an example of You with skin on... That we may live our lives in your true SHALOM and love as you love. ... That we be sensitive to those around us who YOU have made ready their hearts to be able to KNIW YOU LIKE WE DO. Fill my mouth with your JOY. ALLOW YOUR GLORY be shown through me today!! Thank you tgat you are the Father who has made acway for us to connect for ETERNITY. FOR Yashuah Ha MESSIAH name. Amen