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What Joy I've Been Up To 


Summer 2022

     "I am an artist. I'm NOT Amazon-Perfect and am learning EVEYDAY. I make the statement "the PERFECT Joy-Art for the Perfect Owner". there is a TON of advertisement of take this class and do this or that to get your art sold... but I like RAW and ORGANIC. not into creating under pressure or stress. Otherwise, what's the point?

     When you like what you see then Private message me and I will make every effort to get you what you want. Most of these items above are sold custom heART. You can find more on my social media links OR you can become a member of YahJoyLife and receive email notifications when i create new art or post a new recipe or link favorite.

     This website is being created with MUCH LOVE and JOYFUL INTENSIONS, For My Joy and YOURS Loved One!

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