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Rise and SHINE 🌼

Do you have a morning ritual? I have found that an intentional ritual helps to set the proverbial stage for the rest of my day. Tell US in the comment a summary of what you do first thing in the morning and how it helps give meaning and JOY to your life. I change mine up every so VERY often to help me with the GOALS I have set for myself 🤠.Here is a short of what I do AND NOT DO! When I awake I begin to look around and ENJOY the BEAUTIFUL space I have made with my ART and think what my goals are for the day and ALLOW MY INNER VOICE to GIVE ME GUIDANCE... THIS is one of my favorite times to commune with my AbbaYah (God, Universe, innate whatever you call your Heartspace). THIS IS (2nd, 1st is about 3am) WHEN I GET MY BEST IDEAS! When I get out of bed I, of course, go to make my deposit in the powder 😉 room. Then I go kiss my hubby and go sit outside in the sunshine for a few minutes in my private back yard. Next I usually start up what I'm going to do before I get to go to work then I go back to the powder room 😉. Play music and wet brush my skin and face brush my hair and put it up. I choose to NOT use store-bought lotions or creams or toothpaste. I make my own depending on my body needs ( another blog). I do NOT LOOK AT MY PHONE OR TV OR NEWS OF THE WORLD. This does NOT work well for me or my ULTRA- SENSITIVE NATURE! If there is something I need to know I am very confident that AbbaYah will bring it to my attention when the time is appropriate. I do NOT USE AN ALARM CLOCK! I haven't for more than a decade! It's something I decided to show how much I TRUST MY AbbaYah to wake me up on time for whatever I need to do that day. (; I used to feel anxiety and panic when I did use an alarm... Another blog). This is the first day of the rest of your life and you could choose what to do with it... As for me I choose Joy!!


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